Fraser Island – a stunning World Heritage listed site just a short trip across the water from Hervey
Bay. This amazing island is mother nature at her very best and ranks amongst the world’s
best ecotourism experiences.

Fast Facts
  • 123km long and 22km wide at its widest point
  • World Heritage listed
  • World’s largest sand island at 184000 hectares
  • Vehicle access is 4WD only

Fraser Island supports more than 100 freshwater lakes, 40 of which are known as ‘perched’
lakes. Perched lakes are formed over thousands of years when organic matter builds up and
hardens in depressions created by the wind. They are above sea level and are filled only by
rain water making the water as pure and clear as you can possibly find in nature.

Lake McKenzie with its crystal waters and white sandy foreshore is one of the most popular
and easy-to-reach lakes on the island.


One of the truly amazing things about Fraser Island is its ability to sustain a wide variety of
vegetation in sand – which is not exactly known for being nutrient rich! Nonetheless, the
island is home to magnificent towering pine trees, rainforest trees with girths up to 3m,
giant ferns, eucalypt forests, and flowering shrubs creating a spectacular natural


Many of the native marsupials and rodents on the island are nocturnal, burrowing, or rare
and endangered species so you may need to keep your eyes open during the day to catch a
glimpse of some of them.
One animal you will probably encounter is Fraser island’s dingoes – believed to be the
Australia’s purest dingo population. Please don’t feed them though.
You will also see plenty of bird species, reptiles, and frogs (there are 17 different species of
frog on the island).
Sand Dunes & Beaches

Sand Dunes

Fraser Island has a constantly evolving and moving network of sand dunes caused by the
prevailing south-easterly winds on the eastern side of the island.
North of Eli Creek you can also see spectacular coloured sands with over seventy different
colours caused by leaching of oxides creating bands of different shades of red, brown, and
Seventy Five Mile Beach is not only a stunning golden stretch of beach, it also a policed
highway where all road rules apply.

How to Experience Fraser Island While Staying at Sanctuary Lakes

There are a number of operators offering guided day tours. We can help you arrange
your tour booking.

  • If you have a 4WD and would like to explore at your own pace, you will need to
    arrange a permit to drive on the island through QLD National Parks (link:
    and book your vehicle on the Fraser Island Barge
  • If you don’t have a 4WD, we can recommend a vehicle hire company
  • You can also leave the car behind and catch the ferry for a day trip to Kingfisher Bay.
    We can also help you organise this at reception.
  • If you are planning on heading over to the island for a few days to camp, let us know
    so we can manage your booking here on the mainland around your island stay.